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Classic Yorkshire Pork Pie 1 lb.


Yorkshire Pork Pie - Our larger version of the classic pork pie. One of the first pies the Parkers made, which Damian calls 'the Yorkshire pork pie from the very beginning.'

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Classic Yorkshire Pork Pie - We call it the ‘Yorkshire’, but you don’t have to be a Yorkshire lad or lass to enjoy it. This was one of the very special first pies we made and we’re pretty proud of it. It's a larger version of our classic pork pie, with carefully selected, quality seasoned pork, juicy pork gelatin and a thick, hot-water crust pastry made to a secret family recipe.

It can’t be beat. Don’t forget, pork pies are best eaten cold or at room temperature but you can warm through if you prefer. 

At Parker's we believe it's important to choose high-welfare meat and support the farmers that go the extra mile. We source our high welfare pork direct from the United Kingdom. The free range farms that we work with ensure that the animals spend all their lives outdoors. The old fashioned way.

Made in house using traditional methods, the finest Boneless Pork and British imported seasonings. Finished inside Hot Water Crust Pastry with Gelatine for the taste you know and love!
Pork, Wheat Flour, Water, Lard, Gelatin, Rusk (Wheat flour, Water, Salt, Ammonium Carbonate (rising agent)), Seasoning (wheat flour, salt, Spices, Dextrose, Sodium Triphosphate (Stabilizer), Yeast Extract, Sugar, Sodium Nitrite), Salt, Glaze.
Our authentic pork pies are completely cooked and should be traditionally served at room temperature or chilled. For best results, defrost in the fridge and enjoy at room temperature. Reheating Frozen Pies cook at 400ºF, and bake uncovered for 25 minutes.


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