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Parker's Great British Bangers

Parker's Great British Bangers
What is a Banger? Great question, the name itself does not give away many clues, but when you know the history of the Great British Banger, the given name fits so appropriately. A British Banger is in fact a Sausage. They are normally made from raw (i.e., uncooked, uncured, unsmoked) pork, but can also be made with beef, venison or other meats. The meats are mixed with a selection of herbs, spices and cereals. The variety of flavours vary depending on the region you are in (for example Cumberland, Lincolnshire, Manchester Sausages) Why do we call them Bangers instead of Sausage? The name “Banger” has been used as far back as the first World War. During both World Wars, specifically when food was rationed and there was less meat available, they filled their sausages with more fat and cheap fillers that would expand rapidly under heat, because the meat would expand, the tight skin that surrounded the sausage and in turn kept the meat tight in its link, would often violently explode exposing the inside of the sausage. It would usually be accompanied by a “bang” sound. The slang name “banger” was born. How many types/flavours of Bangers are there? A lot. As mentioned above (see image) there is a large variety of British Bangers. All with its own unique name and flavour. We as a company, have a select few to choose from, with the hope to expand on flavours in the future. While we can’t indulge in any of our trade secrets, we can give you an idea of what to expect with each flavour! The Lincolnshire Banger, is one of our most sought after Bangers, used in our award winning Sausage Rolls and Scotch Eggs! We have this sausage in many variations, regular, chipolata style (a thin variety of sausage) and Gluten-Free. Our Cumberland Banger is another extremely popular flavour, it has a delicious sage taste that we have perfected for our wonderful customers. Also available in a Gluten-Free version. The Manchester Banger is a newer addition to our website, it has taken a few years of perfecting, but they are an excellent addition to your order. With a distinct nutmeg taste and wonderful ground texture. The different varieties do not end there we are also home to the Old English Banger, if you are looking for a sausage with a more distinct pepper flavour. This is the Banger for you! Often, we are asked if we carry British Bangers that are comparable to the much-loved Wall’s Sausage from home. We are proud to share our Classic Bangers with you. We can assure you that these are the closest sausage, you will find this side of the pond! They might even be better! You will not know until you try them! What do you cook them with? What DONT you cook them with? The British Banger can be used in any meal. Breakfast? Sausage Sandwich is a popular British dish that takes little to no effort. Fry up those Bangers, toast a couple of slices of bread. Slice your Bangers vertically in half and place inside your toast sandwich. Add either brown or red sauce, whichever you prefer, and breakfast is served. Have you ever eaten a full English breakfast? One of the most popular staples in this meal is the British banger! Lunch? See the Sausage Sandwich above? It can honestly be eaten at any time of the day! Sausage Rolls and Scotch Eggs (made using our Lincolnshire Bangers) are an excellent snack!! Dinner? So many choices! Bangers and Mash, fried sausages with a side of Mash potatoes, veggie of choice (everyone has different tastes) and a helping of onion gravy! Toad in the hole, Our Bangers cooked inside a giant Yorkshire Pudding and topped with Gravy. What about Battered Sausage and Chips? That is with our Bangers too! If you, like us, are an expat living in the US. Struggling to find Sausages that can compare to your much-loved staples, look no further. Don’t settle for “finding something similar” or “the next best thing” You deserve the real deal. You deserve quality products made only using imported seasonings straight from the UK. Don’t search for what isn’t out there. Your hunt is over. Parkers has only one goal in mind, bring expats and anglophiles a taste from home. When only British will do? Mr. and Mrs. Parker will help feed your cravings, lower your homesickness and continue to bring British food to US shores!

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