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BBQ season is upon us!

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Just in time for BBQ season we introduce the Parker's Bargain BBQ Box, four packs of Parker's finest sausage!

Pack 1 - The Classic

How could we not include these award winning sausages?

Classic Sausages - 6 classic, plump sausages made with cuts of finest pork steak, ground and blended with traditional butchers' rusk and our special British seasoning. Low in fat, they’re delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner. No wonder these types of sausages are the most popular in the UK.  1 lb packet   

Pack 2 - Lincolnshire

The seasoning and taste you've known and love

Lincolnshire Sausages - 6 classic Lincolnshire sausages made with lean pork steak blended with traditional butcher’s rusk, sage and thyme for a wonderfully herby flavor. Low in fat with all-natural casings, Lincolnshire's are a great all-rounder for breakfast or if you fancy some lovely bangers and mash.   1 lb. packet

Pack 3 - Cumberland

Known and loved from one end of the United Kingdom to the highest points of Scotland

Cumberland Sausages - 6 plump, low-fat, flavour-filled Cumberland sausages made with pure cuts of pork steak, aromatic sage and our special blend of imported seasoning. For all of our sausages we use all-natural casings and traditional British butchers' rusk to give them that distinctive texture.   1 Lb. packet.

Pack 4 - Old English

Just like old time rock and roll, the familiarity of these sublime sausages will round out any BBQ

Old English Sausages - 6 traditionally made, old-English sausages with lean, coarsely ground pork steak, mixed with traditional butcher’s rusk and heavily seasoned for a lovely peppery taste. Low in fat and with all-natural casings, these succulent sausages are ideal for bangers and mash. Don’t forget the gravy.   1 lb. packet.



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