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Smoked Bacon - Parker's Finest 1lb.


Smoked Bacon by popular demand! Delicious smoky bacon just waiting for a bread roll and a dollop of HP sauce.

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Smoked Bacon - Due to overwhelming demand from our customers, we're proud to add some new traditionally-smoked bacon to the Parker's range! While American bacon comes from the pork belly, British bacon comes from the loin, giving you more juicy meat for your rasher. 

Goes great with eggs, sausage and black pudding to make a great fried breakfast. 1lb per pack, 10-12 slices per lb.


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Alax D' Thomas

"Excellent Customer Service Team"


Karen Bennet

“Tastes just like home”


caroline card

"love these classic pork pies"


Amy Freeman

"Delicious British sausage selection!"


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