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Why are British Scones so different to American Scones?

Why are British Scones so different to American Scones?

Why are British Scones so different to American Scones?

Have you asked yourself this very same question? They are both very different things, and we are here to answer those questions and clear up any Scone confusion. They look different, they taste different and have very different textures.

The buttery, rich dense American scone is a very dissimilar from the fluffy, delicate and more refined British scone. Both are delicious, but the British are the superior Scone makers. British Scones are a quintessential part of Afternoon tea. A truly authentic British scone is round, tall, and has an extremely light texture with a crust like exterior.

Scones frequently include sultanas in the mixture or can be plain – both are just as good. Especially when paired with clotted cream and jam! A teatime ritual across England, and a key component of a cream tea.

The traditional way to eat one is to split the scone in half, thickly spread one half with clotted cream and top with strawberry jam, or strawberry jam, topped with clotted cream. It all depends on where you are from. Both would call the other way incorrect.

The debate is bigger than just the order in which you put your toppings, but how the name scone is pronounced. This can differ depending on what part of the country you are from. No matter how you pronounce it, a good scone is something to look forward to.

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